Helping Her to Say No


This is a sponsored post. I’ve been talking with my teen daughters a lot about the pressure for kids their age to drink. They’ve assured me that they and their friends just aren’t interested in alcohol. According to them, the pressure from peers is about NOT drinking. It certainly was different for me in the 80s. If there was a party it was most likely unsupervised and included either a keg of … [Read more...]

Donate Stuff. Create Jobs.


I’m posting this public service announcement on behalf of the Ad Council. My family loves to shop at Goodwill. My city, Richmond, seems to have especially good pickings compared to other places I’ve lived. There’s even one “showplace” Goodwill in the city that takes the best goods from the donation centers from surrounding areas. We’ve found hardwood furniture, perfect sets of china, and … [Read more...]

It’s Adopt-A-Cat Month!


Adopt-A-Cat Month         June marks a particularly active time for shelters and rescue groups, as it’s the peak of kitten season, when thousands of newborn homeless kittens join other cats available for adoption across the United States. We adopted our cat Pinky four years ago in September at an adoption event in front of the pet supply shop we shop. They don’t … [Read more...]

A Teen in Her Natural Habitat—Best Buy


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free As the mom of four tall people, I’ve bought a lot of cell phones. The first one I bought came in a bag and required a special antennae installed in my car, circa 1992. I’ve had brick phones and flip phones and smart phones. Some of them are still around here … [Read more...]

Keeping Kids Safe Online


Since my older kids were born in the early 90s, my children’s on-line safety was easy business. All computers were big ‘ole desktops in the living room. Phones were corded. Video had to be downloaded, and that could take a while. I remember trying to download the trailer for the first or second Harry Potter movie for the kids. It took eight minutes. I left and made a cup of tea before it was … [Read more...]