$10,000 Recipe Contest and a Fun Twitter Party Tonight


SheSpeaks has teamed up with the Aetna Healthy Food Fight to help spread the message of healthy living and eating in America.

There’s a Twitter party tonight where you can  chat about health-conscious tasty foods, share tips on living well, and learn more about the Healthy Food Fight.

Plus, prizes include Dutch Ovens and gourmet cookware from Circulon.

Check it out! I’ll be there as @notasupermom.

#SSFoodFight Twitter Party Recipe Swap
When: September 15 @ 8pm EST
TweetGrid Dashboard: http://bit.ly/oy4lU9
Follow: #SSFoodFight and @shespeaksup

Make sure to RSVP here for a chance to win.

Aetna Healthy Food Fight

Aetna is sponsoring a recipe contest going on right now. Check out http://www.healthyfoodfight.com/ to vote for your favorite recipe or to enter your own healthful recipe.

The grand prize is an amazing $10,000 worth of groceries donated by Recipe.com.

More from Bobby Flay:

I was in spired to lighten up a dish already very popular at my house—the BLT.

I give you:



A prosciutto, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

I spread homemade hummus on a whole wheat wrap, then topped with plenty of romaine lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

Then I added a slice of prosciutto I crisped in a non-stick Circulon skillet (I won that at the last She Speaks twitter party!)

Wrap it all up and serve with a cup of Tuscan lentil soup.

Such an improvement on white bread, mayo and three strips of bacon. One strip of prosciutto had so much flavor and was perfectly crispy and salty.

Tomorrow I’ll give you my hummus recipe. I adore hummus and could eat it every day.

I hope one of you wins the Healthy Food Fight contest. If you decide to enter, let me know so I can vote for you. Send me a link in the comments.

Question of the day: what are your feelings on hummus? Love it or hate it? Make it or buy it?

I’m sharing this opportunity with you as a member of She Speaks. I was provided with a thank-you gift for doing so.

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