Back In the Saddle

I’m trying to get my groove back after the holiday break. I’m tired, we’ve had low-level sickness in the house, but at least not the flu, knock wood.

Today I spent cleaning my filthy, filthy house and slowly spelling words to my kids. It’s so hard to get them to do school work after a break.

I read that article in the Wall Street Journal, Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother,  about parenting like a Chinese mother. While I’m not going to call them garbage or make them practice piano for three hours a day, I did try a page out of the author’s book.

When my drama queen tried out her acting skills today (I’ve cried less at funerals), I told her I expected more of her and that I pushed her because I knew she was capable of much more than she does.

It worked.

School work done. Chores done. And I came home from an errand and she had done extra chores.

I need to send Amy Chua a thank-you note, (if I were a thoughtful-type person who sent thank-you notes). Is this all it took all along? We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Back to normal yet?

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