My husband is a genius--really!I keep waiting for him to invent something cool and life-changing for humanity so I can finally afford that gold-plated mini van from the Donald Trump series.I believe the current term for what my husband does is "life hacking". There is even a web site devoted to it,'ve always called what he does "mangineering". It's not pretty, but it gets the job … [Read more...]

Nerd Mom Wants Star Wars Sheets

I'm a nerd and proud of it. My first crush was on Han Solo. I hurried home from school to watch the good Star Trek. I pined for a Space 1999 lunch box. I watched Galactica 1980. In that last case, sometimes love makes you suffer.I have been lucky to marry another nerd. We agree that the 1977 George Lucas film should only be referred to as "Star Wars", full stop. He thinks a boxed set of Lord of … [Read more...]