“There’s Been an Awakening” on Instagram

Anne Solo Star Wars

Instagram is my favorite social medium. Not just because I enjoy pictures of dogs and your latte, or because my mom's not there. Instagram continues to make great changes to the platform. Previously known for its square-only posting format,  now they've added landscape and portrait formatting that will make movie clips or pictures from my trip to Paris look great. And this morning, Star Wars … [Read more...]

How to Make Father’s Day Perfect

I think Father's Day went pretty well. Here are some tips to file away for next year: … [Read more...]

House Rules

If you ask what's for dinner and say "yuck" after I tell you what it is, then you can cook dinner tomorrow. I don't care if you are five. If you put your finger up your nose, it's your job to properly dispose of whatever comes out.After you have gone to bed for the night, I'd better not see you again until morning. Exceptions for fire, flood, blood and alien invasion. In case of vomit or poop, see … [Read more...]

Nerd Mom Wants Star Wars Sheets

I'm a nerd and proud of it. My first crush was on Han Solo. I hurried home from school to watch the good Star Trek. I pined for a Space 1999 lunch box. I watched Galactica 1980. In that last case, sometimes love makes you suffer.I have been lucky to marry another nerd. We agree that the 1977 George Lucas film should only be referred to as "Star Wars", full stop. He thinks a boxed set of Lord of … [Read more...]