Don’t Miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals from RetailMeNot

I have a routine on the day after Thanksgiving. I sleep late, drink coffee, and hang around the house in my pajamas making turkey-mashed-potato-cranberry-sauce sandwiches.

I hear other people get up early (or even stay up all night) shopping in some sort of ritual called “Black Friday”.

It looks a lot like a zombie apocalypse situation, but I’ve been told by some that it is fun. If you consider a good trampling by strangers to be a good time.

What I do like is snagging an amazing deal next week on Cyber Monday. I can keep to my previous routine of sleep, coffee, and my leopard print jim-jams, but I can sit at my computer and shop some screaming hot deals.

This year, check out the RetaiMeNot Black Friday pageand their Cyber Monday page, where you can find all the hottest deals for Black Friday through Christmas. is the largest online coupon site in the United States and is a great site to make your number-one resource for online shopping this holiday season.

RetailMeNot will be working around the clock to bring you the hottest coupons from their database of 500,000+ coupons from thousands places you want to shop.

Also, upload the RetailMeNot mobile app to your phone. Savings on the go, yo!

This year with RetailMeNot you can score great savings without taking an elbow to the kidney.

Tips for saving big this holiday shopping season:

  • Bookmark the holiday page and check back daily for the lowest prices possible from your favorite retailers.
  • Sign up for the RetailMeNot newsletter and email alerts for you favorite retailers so you don’t miss out on any great coupons and deals.
  • Shopping online? RetailMeNot has an entire tab on its website dedicated to available free shipping offers.
  • Download the RetailMeNot Coupons app for your iPhone or Android to search for in-store coupons.
    Hoping to snag anything in particular? I’ve been saving up for an iPad all year. I really hope to find a great deal in the nest few weeks!
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