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emeals-logoIt may surprise you to know that the homeschool community can be first-movers on products or services.

Years ago through my on-line homeschool support group I heard about a menu-planning company that not only gave you dinner recipes for a week at a time, but also tied it to the current grocery store sales.

Then it was called eMealz, but has since rebranded to eMeals. Also, they have hugely expanded their services, offering menus from so many more stores (including Whole Foods and now Costco), with a dazzling array of menu styles.

If you are Paleo, low-carb, gluten-free, into clean eating, want slow cooker meals, or–their newest offering–Low Calorie, eMeals has a menu for you.

I found it very easy to use several years, ago, but their new interface is even easier to use now. Just pick the meal plan for your weekly dinners. Some are good for any grocery store, and others let you chose a menu using a specific store.

Each weekly plan includes a main dish and a related side. Recipes are simple and easy to follow. The organized shopping list helps you save money at the grocery store by taking advantage of the weekly sales.

For a small extra fee you can add in packable lunches, breakfasts, or desserts. Also, you can choose between meals for two, or meals that will feed a family. The family menus typically feed between three and six people, and I found it adequate for my family of six.

I met with the eMeals team at the Type A Parent convention and was excited to hear about their new plans. I think they are always innovating and keeping up with the way people want to eat. In my opinion, it’s an amazing value at less than $2.50 a week.

You can pay for several different time periods—monthly, for convenience, or annually, for the lowest price.

I’m a paying customer of eMeals and not reimbursed for telling you about it now. Everything in this post is my opinion in my own words. I’m a fan!

eMeals has a three-month subscription for one of you! Just enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. Let me know if you have any questions!

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