Five Tips for Managing Long Hair

suave hub 3I’ve been growing my hair out the last few years and really enjoy having it long. I remember it being about this length after I had my second child. My husband’s grandmother asked me if I was going to shorten my hair to a more “proper length for a young matron.” I was twenty three.

About twenty years later and I am once again rocking the long locks. I get a lot of compliments on my hair and I choose to believe them. Comparing pictures of me with shorter hair, I think my current style makes me look younger and even thinner. I’ll take it!

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Hair maintenance isn’t difficult. For my long, straight, color-treated hair, here are my top tips.

Still see your stylist regularly.

I can stretch my time between salon visits a little longer now, but I still go on a schedule. A regular trim keeps your style sharp by maintaining shape and getting rid of any split ends.

Speaking of split ends,

minimize these with gentle treatment of your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle, and never tug a brush through wet hair.

Use a weekly deep moisturizing treatment.

Almost every kind of hair type can benefit from more moisture. I keep a pot of my favorite product in the shower to remind me. I like to do my grooming extras on Saturday, like an in-house spa, even if it’s just one thing that takes a few minutes.

Use the right after-shampoo products.

Styling creams and oils changed my life. I thought they’d be too heavy on my fine-but-thick hair, but the right one makes my hair look great from wash to wash.

Make products do double duty.

I’ve used hair oils on my skin, and I’ve used conditioner to shave my legs. Experiment to see what extra uses you can get out of products. It makes them doubly useful, and can save you money by cutting down on the number of products you have to purchase.

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