Freshen Up Your Road Trip with #FebrezeCar

This post on how to freshen up your car is brought to you by Febreze and She Speaks. All opinions and stale french fry odors are my own. 

The Problem: Stinky Car

I have four giant, stinky kids. When we take a road trip I can be assured of a few things. First, they will spill something. Second, they will take their shoes off to relax during the drive. Third, I will be faint from all the smells in my car.

Even after the trip is over and the last of the sand and tater tots are vacuumed from my car’s interior, some odors linger. I swear we got rid of my minivan because it was haunted by the ghost of Chocolate Milk of Spills Past.

It’s bad enough I have to listen to One Direct on repeat, my nose deserves a break by other senses don’t get.

The Solution: Febreze Vent Car Clip

IMG_3589Febreze sent me the cutest Road Trip kit. It’s a tiny convertible I’ll try to make my Pomeranian sit in later, with a little board game and three different scents of Febreze Vent Clips.

Right away I installed the Linen and Sky clip. It was super easy to set up, and my car smelled fresher right away. I may hate doing laundry, but I love that smell! It is so much better than whatever is going on when my kids take their shoes off.

I’m glad you can adjust the amount of scent released so you can compensate for smells from “put your shoes back on” all the way to “please roll the window down now!”

Where To Buy a Febreze Vent Car Clip

You can purchase a Febreze Vent Car Clip from Walmart so you can take freshness on the go. They are available in scents like Linen & Sky, Gain Island Fresh, and Meadows & Rain.  Each clip lasts up to thirty days.

Are your kids or pets the stinkiest? Tell me how stinky in a comment below.

Also, enter my easy giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Walmart gift card courtesy of Febreze.

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