Getting It Together for 2014

Christmas is so over. New Year’s Day has passed. We all have our new calendars and our Word of the Year (mine is Chocolate).

pom-reigndeerWe put our decorations away, though I’m still finding stragglers. Our Pomeranian, Firefox, has taken a shine to a plush puppet reindeer. That can stay out a while because it’s so cute to see a little dog drag around a toy.

One of my New Year projects has been decluttering. My friend Jen is amazing at getting you to throw out your junk and ask yourself why you are letting it take up space in your house. She started a private Facebook group for support and give the hundred-plus members a daily task to work on.

This weekend I cleared out the entertainment center. Since I’ve been a mom for twenty-something years, I still have a VCR and the Disney tapes to show for it. The VCR is on its last legs, so I’m just going to ditch all that old media. You’re welcome, local Goodwill shoppers!

Luckily, when the VCR goes, I won’t lose the ability to play the videos we made of our kids when they were little. I’ve already transferred all those memories to DVD with YesVideo. I’m working with YesVideo as one of their “Storytellers”, so transferring my stuff is one of the perks of working with them.

They are easy to use, do a great job, and–best of all—I can access my transfers though my iPad and iPhone via their free app.

If you are cleaning up your home this January, don’t just put away the holidays. Save the memories by using YesVideo to transfer you old family films from VHS and 8 mm to digital.

Learn more about how easy it is to save your memories with YesVideo.

Stuff comes and goes, but your memories are too special not to take the best care of them. Here’s something YesVideo helped me rescue—my in-laws old family films. My husband as a baby opening Christmas presents with his dad, who we lost more than fifteen Christmases ago.

It makes me smile every time I watch it, especially since my husband is in a diaper on a horse.

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