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The Giving season is upon us! For some of us, this is a joyous time – for others it can be a bit overwhelming. If you are looking to give back a little this season and declutter your house without breaking the bank this year you are in luck, I have the solution.

Goodwill. What is that, you say, Goodwill? But that is all previously used items. You bet it is! And it is a great place to pick up lots of different items you need! Maybe some cookie tins that you can share some homemade goodies in or maybe buy some warm socks or gloves to give to the homeless if you are looking to give back on a budget. Plus, did you know that Goodwill stores actually care many brand new items too? The options are really endless, plus, you are helping the community when you are shopping at your local Goodwill.

Did you know? Goodwill sells donated goods through more than 3,200 stores across the United States and Canada, and channels more than 85 percent of sales revenue to provide those services to people who are unemployed or underemployed.

Maybe this year you don’t have the time to be a Supermom (or Dad; goodness knows I’m neither) and give gifts to everyone you know. This is okay, trust me. We cannot all do everything all the time. The good news is you can still help Goodwill by donating some of your unwanted clothes, dishes, etc. This alone is a great way to give back AND save your sanity at the same time because you will have decluttered your house too. Let the declutterification begin!

Your impact doesn’t end there — the planet also benefits when you choose to ditch the dumpster and drop your items at Goodwill. Over the past few years alone, you’ve helped keep billions of pounds of clothing and household items out of landfills.

Want to know other ways to help this giving season?

Shop online. It is THAT simple!

This year, many of us will be doing some online shopping as well. Did you know, when you shop online this holiday season, many major retailers will send your purchase in a Give Back Box, which will enable you to donate items to your local Goodwill at no cost to you? This program gives every cardboard box a second life to help people in need. Visit for more information.

Give Back Box® provides vendor services to retailers and charities, allowing each and every cardboard box a second life to help people in need. So it is also a ‘green’ solution! Reuse your online shipping boxes in which you received your purchases, or any other cardboard box you may have, to donate your unwanted household items: such as gently used clothing, shoes, etc., to make a major difference in the life of another person.

Take advantage of the Giving Season and shop or donate items at Goodwill this year. Your pocketbook and sanity will thank you and so will your community.


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