Gratitude for Friendships #HappyMamas

When my kids were all still little and driving me crazy I made a friend online. Susan and I talked for years before we first met. She lives near where my mom’s family is, so when I had a family wedding to attend in the area, Susan and I met in person for the first time. We chose Cracker Barrel as a safe, public place to meet an Internet stranger-friend.

I bless the lard-saturated biscuits we ate that day, because since then Susan has been friend, listening ear, traveling buddy, and sounding board.

Later, after we both started blogging, we attended blog conferences together in Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, and more.

Susan’s the friend I call when I’m happy and want to share good news. She’s always happy for my happiness.

Susan’s the friend I call when I’m sad or hurt. She listens closely, then gives me good advice. I know when she speaks, it’s after much thought. She’s the best kind of friend—she would tell me if I’m wrong. I love that she’s loyal to the truth over my feelings. When a friend can tell you you’re wrong and you listen–that’s real friendship.

Susan’s husband took this picture of me and Susan last year at the Food Blog Forum in Asheville, North Carolina. I think it sums up our friendship perfectly.


Susan’s blog is a place for good stories and better recipes. She’s the finest home chef I know. Her food is simple and of the highest quality without being all fussy. Some of the best meals of my life have been shared in her kitchen. I still daydream about the blueberry cheesecake.

When the Happy Mamas, a great group of bloggers I’m in, had a chance to send Shari’s Berries to our favorite bloggers, I chose Susan and her blog That Susan Williams. Susan and Shari’s Berries are a natural fit—the highest quality. It’s made my day to make her day. If you like food, check Susan out. She’s well worth looking at.


Shari’s Berries helped us spread joy to some of the Happy Mamas in our lives and we know they can help you too. Check out their wonderful assortment of delicious goodies and choose something for the special women in your life who help you find joy on your mothering journey.

You can also check out the Shari’s Berries blog (it’s delicious!) for fun and inspiring gifting ideas for every occasion. Follow them on Instagram (@SharisBerries) and Pinterest (@SharisBerries) to enjoy mouth-watering photos!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post. I was allowed to select another blogger to send some Shari’s Berries to. Susan said they were delicious!

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