Guest Post–Attack of the Laundry Zombies

Today I have my very first guest poster. Kelly is a long-time friend and blogs at Take Your Queue From Me,  where she reviews movies available on Netflix Instant Watch.

Kelly is a wife, mother, homeschool mom, actress, competitive swimmer and avid movie fan. Check out her blog and tell her Nota sent you. She has a great recent review for the movie SKIN. It’s not what you think.

Take it away, Kelly!

By way of introduction, I thought I would share that picture of myself with you. 

That is my youngest son and I taken last year on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I consider it a rather supermomish thing to do to allow your picture to be recorded for all eternity in such a manner and I don’t mind saying so myself. 

But shiver me timbers, while I can palaver like a pirate with the best of them, there is something I am unable to do.  But I will get to that in a minute.  First I would like to share with you my favorite joke from childhood.

Knock, knock

(Who’s there?)


(Dwayne who)

Dwayne the bathtub! I’m dwounding!

(insert hysterical laugh or cricket chirping as appropriate)

Who knew that my favorite childhood joke would be prophetic? 

I am indeed drowning.  Drowning in laundry. 

A couple weeks ago, pretty much every stitch of clothing in my home was dirty and I got a brilliant idea! 

I was going to wash every piece of said clothing at one time, dump it on the recently vacuumed living room floor.  Sounds odd so far but stay with me.   

Then I was going to declare a movie day for my three kids.  Who doesn’t love a movie day, right? 

The only caveat was that they need to fold clothes while watching as many movies as they could pack into a day.  It’s a small thing really.  I mean folding clothes isn’t hard. 

Never mind that I hate doing with a passion as hot as the sun.  They are kids, they haven’t had time to develop such a hatred yet.  

As an added bonus, and because I am such a nice mom, I was even going to pay my three little lovelies to fold them for me.  Pay them handsomely.  Pay them a figure in the two digits. Way, way higher than the awesome quarter I usually try to get away with. 

It was a win-win-win.  The kids got money, the family got clean clothes, and I got my husband off my back…….er was able to please my beloved spouse.


Wanna see how that worked out for me? 

Small children can get lost in that pile. In fact, as the picture indicates, small children HAVE been lost in that pile. 

Did I mention that I got this ideas a couple weeks ago?  So to make matters worse, that isn’t even all of the clothes cause these stupid people keep wearing them and stinking them up again! 

Now I have a big pile of dirty ones.  The system is rigged.  Rigged I tell you!!!   We are going under and I don’t know if we will ever be able to come out again alive.  I have the laundry zombies to prove it. 

There is only one appropriate way to end this post and that is with a song.


Thank you, Kelly! That reminds me. I have some unfolded laundry and I haven’t seen the kids in a while.

Readers, what is your least favorite part of doing laundry? Have you ever bribe/paid your kids to do a hated chore?

Best answer is Not A Supermom of the Day!

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