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  1. Susan in the Boonies

    Drippings from a smoked turkey make awesome gravy. :lol:

    Doing stuff like this ahead of time makes the day so much more enjoyable.

    Careful! You’re going to make me look bad!

    • Anne

      Please! I make you look gooood!

  2. Fern

    We make the same…almost…we put 2 eggs in instead of sour cream. My family loves these…so do all our Mexican friends!

    • Anne

      Eggs-interesting! That must help it set up nicely.

  3. Robin

    Here’s another endorsement for how well these potatoes turn out. Nobody can tell they were frozen. They’re perfect.

    One thing: That recipe makes 4 servings in my house – not 12. :mrgreen:

    • Anne

      That’s more than a pound of potatoes each. Y’all are my kind of people!

  4. Becky

    Oh, can’t wait to learn how to make gravy in advance! That’s the part I hate since everyone’s ready to eat and I’m making gravy and it takes forever!

    I will definitely be making these potatoes this year! Thanks!!

    • Anne

      Gravy is like a magic trick when you do it right. Really, it’s more of a science experiment, but that’s like magic, right? ;)

  5. Margaret Hollingsworth

    I make a similar recipe. I’ve never done the parmesan part – that looks yummy! I add chopped chives (or green onions), garlic powder and sprinkle with paprika. So pretty and yummy.

    * I noted the Penzey’s black pepper in your photo. Best black pepper EVER!

    • Anne

      It was hard for me to keep the garlic powder out of these, or some roasted, pureed garlic. Garlic makes everything good.

      Yes, Penzey’s pepper is the best and usually cheaper than what you can buy in the grocery store.

  6. karen hartzell

    Do you freeze it in the corning dish also? I am definitely doing this for Thanksgiving! I love the idea of make ahead sides!!!

    Any make ahead glazed carrot recipes? lol

    • Anne

      Yes, right in the dish I’ll serve them in, although I have transferred them to another container.

      No glazed carrot recipes, though you can roast any root veg and store in the fridge a day or two.

  7. Domestic Debbie

    Sounds deadly and delicious :D

    • Anne

      Your mouth will thank you–but your hips won’t!

  8. Dawn C.

    Just finished mine! I used one of those “use and throw away” casserole dishes that are made out of this weird paper (I got it at Costco in a six pack). Since it took 1/2 hour to prepare, over an hour to boil, then 1/2 hour to assemble, MAN am I glad I did it today and not next week when I’m trying to do so many other things! Looking forward to eating it.

  9. Gloria Patxot

    Ok I love this idea but have a couple of questions:
    1) my hubby (my biggest critic and one who needs to be happy most in my book – lol) hates parmesan cheese. Can I delete this?
    2) Can I substitute butter cooking spray in a my casserole dish instead of the butter and parm on the sides?
    3) you said this dish could be stored in fridge a day ahead – how about a couple of days ahead?

    Sorry to nit-pick but just want to make sure some minor detail doesn’t ruin this yummy sounding dish.


    • Anne Parris

      No trouble, Gloria! Yes, the Parm is totally optional.
      I don’t know about the butter cooking spray. I think it would work to reduce sticking, but the butter in the recipe itself helps preserve the texture of the potatoes if you freeze.
      With any food stored in the fridge, I would only consider it really safe for three days, so you’d want to consider that in the timing of serving for T-day and the leftover potential.
      Good luck! I’ve made these potatoes for years now and they are a real crowd-pleaser!

      • Gloria

        Sounds good Anne – thanks so much for your quick reply. I’ll probaby just go ahead and make this weekend and freeze them. Thanks again and have a happy T-day!

  10. Amy

    Totally making these — but WHY no garlic? I *want* to add some — I always do. Is there a reason? I have a make-ahead potatoes recipe that allows for a 3-day refrigeration, but I have time NOW. We LOVE garlic…whaddya think?

  11. Gloria Patxot

    Hey Anne – I made this today and it was so creamy almost like pudding!! I let my hubby like the pot clean – haha! Hey do I need to let it cool completely before freezing? So good to have one less thing to cook on T-day.

    Thanks again for an amazing recipe!

    • Anne Parris

      Yay! So glad it passed the husband test! Yes, do let it cool before freezing.

  12. Gloria

    I meant lick the pot clean – lol!

  13. Dawn

    You said you used to make this with Yukon Golds. Did you make it fresh or make-ahead like the recipe? I wasn’t clear on that and was hoping to do this with Yukon Golds. Thanks!

    • Anne Parris

      I’ve done it both ways, both make-ahead and fresh.

  14. Natasha @ Houseful Of Nicholes

    I’m going to “test” this, this Thanksgiving. If I’m sitting on my porch the day after, then you konw why.

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