How to Make Father’s Day Perfect

I think Father’s Day went pretty well.

Here are some tips to file away for next year:

    1. Just for this one day, BACON at all three meals.
    2. And no green vegetables.
    3. No power tools, unless he asks for them. Only fair, considering my “Don’t you dare give me a present that plugs in and/or cleans something” rule.
    4. Give in on the No-Star-Wars-sheets thing and go to Pottery Barn Kids and buy him a pillowcase. Try not to think about it at night.
Darth Vader watches you sleep.
  1. Don’t even think about touching the remote today, lady. You will watch war movies, John Wayne marathons and hours of the Military Channel, and you will say nothing.
  2. Be grateful and stuff. Frankly, I’m surprised the guy comes back from work every day.
  3. Tell him he’s the best dad ever, because he is.

Love you, honey!

To be clear, he never asked for Star Wars sheets. It was always a joke between us. But he didn’t turn his nose up at it either!

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