How To: Make Holiday Cards and Photo Gifts on

I read and enjoy Linda Seller’s blog She has excellent blog tips and giveaways.

Right now she’s giving away twelve free Premium subscriptions to the Premium edition of Picnik, the photo editing site.

 I’ve used Linda’s tutorials to Santa-hat my avatar.

 I’ve designed two blog headers. Not great, but then I’m no artist.

And I’ve designed recipe cards appropriate for giving.

Picnik is a great free program and I can see countless ways to utilize it for blogs, photo editing, scrapbooking and general mom-use.

Linda’s other tutorials include:

Here are some gift certificates I made.

    Her contest is still going on, so design something and see if you can win a Picnik Premium subscription yourself.

    If you make something particularly great, e-mail me a postable link from your photobucket or flickr or whatever account and I’ll post it here on my blog!

    Here’s my e-mail address. I made this on Picnik.

    The benefit of having your e-mail address in an image like this is that it protects you from roving spam-bots.

    Have you given creative photo gifts like this in the past? What’s been the best you’ve given or received? My husband and I treasure a photo calendar featuring his mom’s side of the family. So many great memories of people we love.


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