I’m Sure They’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone


I have a busy week I’m avoiding. Thursday night I’m driving to a friends house so we can leave early Friday morning to go to a homeschool convention.

I’ll be gone all day Friday and will return home Saturday night. I’m trying not to let my kids barely concealed glee get me down.

They are excited about eating ramen three times a day and not showering.

For my kids, ramen holds the promise of a stay-cation, when Daddy’s in charge and if you don’t bring yourself to his attention you can pretty much do as you like. It’s like Lord of the Flies with noodles.

Mommy let’s you eat Nutella straight from the jar? Okay!
Mommy says you can juggle fire in the living room? Just remember to stop, drop and roll.

I have mixed emotions about my trip. Partially because I’ll miss my husband and kids and partially because I’m concerned about coming home to singed drapes.

My little secret is this trip is the Mommy version of what they’ll be doing. I’ll be eating Nutella from the jar in a hotel room and taking a shower without fingers wagging under the gap in the bathroom door.

Shh, don’t tell!

We’ll go to our state convention together, but to go to this one farther away it just made financial sense for me to go alone with friends.

Are you going to away without your family any time soon?

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