Last Minute Gifts with Heart

Chia-petI think the worst gifts are the oh-no-it’s-almost-Christmas kind. I cringe when I see the things stores have out for last-minute shoppers. Ugly boxed costume jewelry. Boxed candies that was probably made and packaged at Easter. Car safety kits.

I pity the mothers and wives who are going to unwrap a Chia pet or a pair of pajama jeans given un-ironically. And don’t get me started on the footie pajamas for grown women.

And it’s not just guys who will wander around a store this week, desperate for an appropriate present for a dear mother-in-law or sister before a family get-together. There is no present-picking gene attached to the second X chromosome (unlike the gene for finding the remote or differentiating turquoise from aqua).

May I suggest a gift that is not only lovely and thoughtful, but that also helps artisans in a third-world country?

Since last year Macy’s has carried a line of home décor from Fairwinds Trading. Fairwinds sells both the Heart of Haiti line, which I love, and the Rwanda Path to Peace collection.

The Rwanda Path to Peace collection features hand-woven baskets of sisal and sweetgrass. My Fair Winds Trading Rwanda Basket is the Spring Breeze fruit bowl. The colors are more vivid that what is pictured, but still delicate and natural. It has the faintest, most pleasant aroma of fresh hay. And it’s lovely in a way only hand-crafted items are. Fair-Winds-Trading-Rwanda-Basket

By the way, it’s sky blue and aqua.

The Heart of Haiti collection has the most beautiful metalwork and papier mache objects. I have the 4” x 6” Songbird frame on my mantle right now. I love birds, and this intricate frame is perfect for your favorite vacation photo or a picture of the kids for grandma. Heart-of-Haiti-songbird-picture-frame See that water; that’s turquoise.

Fairwinds Trading is the realized dream of Willa Shallit. Her company gives artist and artisans impoverished countries a way to sell their creations to the American market. They can make a living wage and support their families and care for their children in ways previously unavailable. Read more about the mission of Fairwinds on its website.

So Saturday afternoon as you are shambling through the mall, stumble into Macy’s. Pick out a nice present that also should make you feel good because it is doing good.

I received the fruit bowl and songbird frame for purposes of review. I was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are my own. Please check out your local Macy’s for the Heart of Haiti and Rwanda collections and give gifts with heart this year.

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