Living Proof Shampoo Review

perfect-hair-day-living-proofI participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Living Proof. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.

So, I’m at the end of my testing period with the Living Proof hair products. For the last several weeks I’ve only been using the Living Proof Perfect hair Day (PhD) Shampoo and Conditioner. As much as possible, I’ve also been using the (PhD) 5-in1 Styling Treatment.

All I had to do was write about the products. I haven’t been paid, and don’t have to express any certain opinion. Luckily, I REALLY liked this hair care line. Like, five-stars on the Anne Scale of Awesome like it.

Here’s what I like:

It smells good. The scent is light and crisp. I’m very sensitive to smell, and this smells good. When your hair is dry, it smells clean, but not too purfume-y. Also, it’s not so feminine that my husband can’t use it too.

It gets your hair clean and really keeps it clean longer. I used to shampoo every day. I have a lot of hair, so drying and styling took forever, and my hair never looked that good anyway. Over the last few years I’ve been transitioning to an every-other-day schedule. With the Living Proof products, I got a good third day. I could hardly believe it. Day three and my hair still looked and felt (85)photo (88)

I went on a weekend getaway with a bunch of my girlfriends and invited them to try the Living Proof products. They all seemed to like it and reported good results. I thought we all had a fun weekend and the bonus of good hair days.

It kept my color nice. My hair is dyed, so I usually use shampoo specifically for color-treated hair. And, since red color fades the fastest, good shampoo really helps extend your time between salon visits. I felt the Living Proof products did well on my hair and didn’t strip out my color like a lot of shampoos do. I would say it’s fine for color-treated hair.

I think my hair feels soft and silky. It looks healthy to me. I asked my daughter to brush my hair after I finished fixing her hair one day. She spontaneously said, “Your hair is so pretty!” And she’s a teenager, so you know compliments are thin on the ground.

Overall, I really liked the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day line. I’d recommend them, and I plan on buying them again with my own money. Good stuff!

Now through November 8th, with an order of $20 or more, you can enter the exclusive code below to get a free Perfect hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment in travel size. With this order you’ll also get free samples and free shipping. Use Shopping Code:NOV2014

Watch the video below for styling tips from Jennifer Anniston’s own stylist.

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