Most Likely to Frizz: My Worst Fashion Mistake

This week the women of GenFab™* are doing a blog hop on the topic: Fashion Disasters.

I finished high school during dark days. The Cold War was still hot, Michael Jackson was less Thriller and more Bad, and the newest name in politics was Sonny Bono. Magnum P.I. ended and Bruce Willis had hair. Guns N’ Roses ruled, and hair was high, wide, and crispy. It was The Eighties, y’all.

Long spiral perms were popular at my school. My best friend had the most gorgeous corkscrew curls and I was so envious. I wanted rock star hair with my bangs teased high and sprayed with Aqua Net until they resembled a flammable cresting wave.

By Junior year I’d been sporting my poor-man’s-Molly-Ringwald bob for a year or so. Since my own Jake Ryan never showed up in homeroom, I figured a change was in order.

Ladies, let me tell you a few things I’ve learned about hair—never get a haircut from the same lady who does your grandmother’s hair, never make a drastic change before a big event like Senior pictures, and—most importantly—never shampoo a new perm and use a brush on it.

Here’s what your Senior Picture looks like when you get a perm right before photos are taken and you have no clue about proper perm maintenance. I think the term is “White Girl Afro”?

My shampoo must have been “Gee, Your Hair Looks Ridiculous”.

bad-perm-senior-pictureWhich part is hair and which part is backdrop? IT IS ALL HAIR.

I propose this for worst Senior Picture ever. Not only was this the first year female students didn’t wear the traditional velvet drape and strand of pearls, the photographer was obviously terrible and more than a little creepy.

I think my awkward, crooked smile communicates the fact that the photographer just asked me to say “fuzzy pickle”.

Fuzzy is right. And stop saying pickle.

My high school was small and I was a nerd, so there are lots of pictures of my hair horror. Usually a person would be proud she was voted Most Likely to Succeed. Nope.


At least I got to wear my pearls.

*Generation Fabulous is a dynamic group of female midlife bloggers who are setting this world on fire. The women of GenFab are the voices of midlife today.

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