My First Blog Conference: Evo ’11 in Park City, Utah

I just got back from the Evo conference in Park City, Utah, and am still walking on air.

The Canyons Resort Park City Utah

The Canyons Resort, Park City, Utah

To preface this story, I’ll tell you I’m still new to blogging, only eight or nine months in, but trying to take it seriously.

I met a local blogger last month, Linda Sellers of Linneyville, and she was nice enough to have lunch with me. Linda was so helpful and gracious. She recommended that I start attending blog conferences.

The Big One, BlogHer, that takes place in San Diego next month, but that is too far away and too close to our cross-country road trip (I hope to get some good stories out of that trip.)

Evo Conference is coming up soon, she said. I’d never heard of it. This reflects my noob status, because Evo is “Kind Of A Big Deal”.

When I went home I googled “Evo ticket giveaway”, because this is how my mind works.

I found Lara Galloway‘s fabulous site, and entered the giveaway for her ticket. It was ending soon so I only was able to tweet a couple of entries before it closed. I tweeted my second entry seconds before the deadline.

When I got the e-mail that I’d won, I went from elated to crushed.

Of course I couldn’t go. It was too soon and the airfare to Utah was too high.

Luckily, I married a man who makes every dream of mine come true.

Before I knew it I was booking a flight and finding roommates for The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.

The Canyons Resort, Park City, Utah

View of the Canyons Resort from the gondola going to the Lodge at the top of the mountain

For three days I learned about blogging and social media, ate amazing meals, met great bloggers, social media professionals and brand representatives. Also, I made friends.


Elmo from Sesame Street

Elmo loves Nota Supermom

Both real and Muppet.

I learned about some great products and services I’ll be sharing with you soon. I’ll only tell you about things I really liked and I promise you my authentic opinion.

The best and worst part of the conference was coming home. I missed my family so much, but leaving what was effectively summer camp for bloggers was tough too. I can’t wait to go back next year!

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