Nerd Mom Wants Star Wars Sheets

I’m a nerd and proud of it. My first crush was on Han Solo. I hurried home from school to watch the good Star Trek. I pined for a Space 1999 lunch box. I watched Galactica 1980. In that last case, sometimes love makes you suffer.

I have been lucky to marry another nerd. We agree that the 1977 George Lucas film should only be referred to as “Star Wars”, full stop. He thinks a boxed set of Lord of the Rings movies is a pretty great Christmas present. I had his wedding ring inscribed with “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US” for our tenth anniversary.

I smell a birthday present!

 When I was at the mall a few years ago, we had a long discussion over the phone about whether I should buy the Pottery Barn Star Wars sheets. He’d had them as a kid. My brothers had them. I’d always wanted them for my own and now they were sized for our queen-sized bed.

Romantic, no? No.

The budget stopped me that day. That and the fact that I am a grown woman.

Also, I don’t want to wake up at night a see Darth Vader staring at me. That is a legitimate concern!

I see they are still available at Pottery Barn. Maybe I’ll put them under the tree for my husband for Christmas. (Act like you didn’t read this, honey.)

Are you a nerd? What’s the nerdiest thing in your house right now?  What’s the nerdiest thing you’ve done?


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