Prepare for Summer Camp at Minute Clinic

camp-physical-minute-clinic-cvsMinute Clinic send me a voucher for a complimentary camp physical for my younger daughter so I could review their services. I was not paid for this review and not asked to post anything specific.

It’s summer camp season! (Time for sunburn for no reason.) I’ve been sending kids to camp each summer since the 90s and embarrassing my kids by misquoting song lyrics for even longer.

Camp prep is a little different each year. When one of my kids goes off to camp for the first time there’s meticulous list-making and packing done by me. Personalized labels are pressed inside collars and waistbands. Toiletries are organized in plastic bags. Boxes are checked off.

Or I would just wait until the last minute and shove random stuff into a backpack. Whatever sounds more likely to you.

As time went by and my children got older and ostensibly more mature, I’d leave more up to them, because it teaches them responsibility and also I am tired.  If they forgot a rain poncho or their extra bathing suit, it was a lesson for them. A lesson in mediocre parenting.

Over the last decade plus of sending kids to camp I’ve used ten permanent markers, had three towels not come back, received two post cards, and had one tearful phone call.

We’ve also filled out dozens of health forms. When the kids need a formal physical signed off by a medical-type person, we’ve always gone to our pediatrician. We love her and have been her patients since the day my older daughter was born.

We never have trouble getting in to see her when we have a sick kid. She always makes room for that. However, physicals require an appointment than can be days away, depending on her schedule. And when you wait until the deadline for paperwork, you don’t have a few days.

Minute Clinic arranged for my littlest to get a complimentary physical at an area clinic. It was right inside my CVS. We signed in on a touch-screen console with no appointment and were seen on a first come, first served basis. Luckily we were the only people in line when we arrived and were in the exam room in minutes. I barely had time to peruse the boxed wine aisle.

I loved the Nurse Practitioner who saw us. She was meticulous in her exam, but so patient and kind as she answered our questions. The standard procedures I remember are taking of height and weight, blood pressure, temperature, examination of ears, eyes and throat, testing of reflexes, listening to heart and lungs, and feats of strength.

Just seeing if you are paying attention with that last one, but she did test my daughter’s muscle strength with some simple resistance testing. Now I have proof she is indeed strong enough to bring in the grocery bags, even the heavy ones.

We were done quickly, had our camp form filled out and signed in no time.

What I liked:

  • no appointment was required
  • short wait time (though that can vary based on demand)
  • I could shop CVS as I waited
  • the care provider was experienced and gave us great service
  • the cost would have been covered by our insurance
  • I didn’t have to wait in a waiting room where a bunch of sick kids had coughed on all the LEGOs
    There was nothing I didn’t like. It was a completely positive experience.
    I would recommend trying out a Minute Clinic if your child needs a camp or sports physical. I noticed on their website they offered a $10-off coupon for camp physicals. It also looked like if you could get an additional group discount if you coordinated with the other campers’ parents or other parents from your sports team.
    I was completely please with the service we received and will keep Minute Clinic in mind for future drop-in medical needs. I hope you’ll keep it in mind if you need a physical for your child this summer.
    Ever waited to the last minute on camp prep? Tell me a story in the comments. I love stories.
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