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  1. Deanna @ The Unnatural Mother

    Hi Anne,

    I’m not Southern, actually as Yankee as Yankee can get hailing from New York BUT I LOVE iced tea in all forms, unsweetened, sweet, green but never had it with basil or .whatever… can’t wait to check this out! We met briefly at #BBCPhilly and so glad I came by to check you out more…great blog!

    • admin

      Hi, Deanna! It was so nice to touch base in Philly. I had such a good time at Bloggy Boot Camp.

      I had basil in lemonade last year when I was in Utah. It tasted like summer. I think citrus and basil go great together and taste really good in iced tea. The trouble is getting the flavor in the tea without having basil bits stuck to your lips!

  2. jamieywrites

    Wow, sound refreshing. In Malaysia, though it’s mostly sunny with balanced rain, we prefer hot tea. Maybe it’s the Chinese culture. Guess iced tea should be a sweet change ;)

    • admin

      I love hot tea also and always have a good selection on hand. I’m drinking orange-ginger infused hot tea right now!

      Sweet tea is just one of those pleasures of summertime, although we drink it cold year-round here, like a soft drink.

  3. Blond Duck

    Happy SITS day!

    • admin

      Thanks, doll!

  4. Halle

    This looks great! I found you through the SITS Girls, and I love your blog!

    • admin

      Thanks, Halle! I love the SITS Girls and hope to get around to everyone’s blog.

  5. Ginny Marie

    I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life, and yes, there is no such thing as sweet tea here! Maybe that’s why I don’t like it. My mom used to make the best sun tea, but we wouldn’t dream of putting sugar in it!

    Congrats on your SITS day!

  6. Whitney

    Hi Anne, I too am a sweet tea drinker, specialist. My mom was from the south, and I learned how to make it from her. I’m going to try Pure Leaf, as I don’t have the time to make it like I used to. Visiting from SITS!

  7. LisaDay

    Happy belated (although technically still Thursday so not that late) SITS day. I must say, I do not like American iced tea as it’s “iced” tea. But maybe I have never had real sweet iced tea. If you make it, I would be willing to try it again.


  8. Eve Bennett

    I bought my first “Pure Leaf” bottled tea today and it is wonderful. The taste is just homemade. I live in Buffalo, NY and I would like to know where I can buy {Pure Leaf in bulk. I really love Pure Leaf.

    Thank you.

    • admin

      Hey, Eve! I contacted the company through their Facebook page. When I hear something or can get you in touch with them, I’ll let you know.

      I’m really glad you liked something I recommend. It is just good stuff!

  9. Doug E

    This tastes EXACTLY like sun tea with sugar. The BEST pre packaged sweet tea hands down. It is $2 a small bottle but worth it. I cant find it on lipton’s website. Please add links to buy bulk or big bottles online.

  10. Daddy Bob

    I’m from Tennessee too but am half yankee. Guess.that’s why I don’t drink sweet tea. Love unsweet and hot tea. But your various blends sounded so good I’m headed to the store. Did you know Liptons started advertising? The very first.

  11. Nola

    I love your post! I came across it while searching for info on Pure Leaf. Had to smile when I you mentioned ordering tea and they brought you hot tea. Years ago I, too was “up north” and simply ordered “tea” (as I do here in the South). The waitress looked at me blankly and said “hot or cold”. I looked at her blankly and replies in a tone that screamed “isn’t it obvious” “ICED” (just in case “iced” was different from “cold”). Of course, when it arrived at the table, it wasn’t even sweet. Poor yankee, didn’t even know how to make tea! Tsk, tsk.
    Gotta try the citrus basil, sounds delish. Living so near Mexico, it’s herbs and spices flavor everything that comes from my kitchen, so I came up with Cilantro Iced Tea. If you are in the group of people that LOVE (can’t get enough) cilantro, give it a try. Brew tea, add agave nectar (another nod to my neighbors in Mexico) and crushed cilantro to taste. Different, but what a kick!
    Take care and keep on posting…

    • admin

      Thanks for such a nice comment, Nola!
      I’ll make the cilantro iced tea for my husband. He loves it.
      I just happen to have agave nectar on hand.

  12. brandy.

    i`m not quite sure how old this post is because i didn`t see a date or anything, but i came across this post by searching pure life. i recently bought some and wanted to see what others thought of it. i currently live in chicagoland, but i`m from georgia, so i can totally relate with everything you`ve said. i`m very picky about my sweet tea, even when i ordered it in georgia. it had to be brewed, not instant.

    the same goes for up here. they finally have a chick-fil-a, and in my opinion, they have great sweet tea! but other places, not so much. you get it iced and have to add your own table sugar in it. yuck!

    anyhow, off topic, but my hubby and i like the pure leaf. it tastes a little instant to me, but i think that it is refreshing and has a nice smooth taste to it. great post! i`m happy to see others know what i mean when i get picky about the sweet tea these yankee`s try to make! (;

  13. Jennifer

    I am from North Carolina but I recently moved to New York and I have been looking for a good sweet tea for 3 years!!!! Until I finally came across this tea. My fiance bought me a bottle and I fell in love with this tea! It is so refreshing and natural tasting to me and also not too sweet either like I used to drink back home! I’m just so excited to find a tea I love and no more Mcdonald’s tea or eating my sugar in my tea lol!!!

    • admin

      It’s like the perfect sweetness. I wish it were easier to find. It’s not in my Food Lion or Kroger. I have to buy it in a convenience store.

  14. Christine M. (@MamaPapaBarn)

    Hmm, not sure where you were in IL ma’am, but everywhere I eat has iced tea on the menu, always.

  15. Kim

    I’m just passing through this site. Thought I’d some info. I live in Utah. My wife insists on PURE LEAF extra sweet tea. I buy it at Smith’s or Wallmart. If you like sweet tea, try the extra sweet. You’ll love it.

  16. Rhonda Watson

    where can I buy your tea in the Houston area. I actually live in Liberty, TX. zip code 77575 Shop at Walmart, Brookshire Brothers, and H.E.B. and Kroger in a nearby town.

  17. Leah

    If I’m not mistaken the these tea leaves are from China? Why would you drink anything that is grown in China?

  18. ging

    i tried purebleaf tea last week and its ok and prolly wouldve bought it again but it has mold issues! you read it right .. Mold! .I opened a bottle of this but only took a sip, put the lid back on and forgot all about it in my locker for 2days( its about 70F at work all day) ! i came back to work monday and found a few mold floating inside.. yuck.

  19. H. Armour

    I was able to purchased it at Jewel Osco Grocery store, but for some reason they are discontinuing it. The best homemade tea with lemon since making it at home. They gave a free substitute it was awful.

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