Review of Minted.Com

This is a review of Minted let me do a little shopping, but all content and opinions are my own.

Despite doing most of my writing these days on a computer, I am still a paper girl. I love the feel of a lovely notecard, the crispness of good stationary, the creamy expanse of pages in a new journal.

Both the feel and smell of paper make me happy in the way you get when you hold a kitten or get a good haircut. It’s like a little bonus life gives you, like and unexpected package in the mail or the perfect cup of coffee made by your husband.

Now, since I am a “professional” writer” I have an excuse to buy business cards, journals, and other heavy-bond wonders. asked me to tell you about things they make that you might like. I’d heard good things about their quality and design from other bloggers, so I was happy to do it.

I puttered around the Minted website and found great stuff. I knew they made business cards and other stationary like wedding invitations, but I didn’t know how unique the designs were. I found their styles to be contemporary and imaginative.

My daughters and I love personalized items, especially since one of them has an unusual Irish name. She’s never going to find her name on a keychain in a Cracker Barrel! Minted lets you personalize items like a journal with text and photos. I made my older daughter a blank journal with her name on the cover in script. The inside pages are blank, since she loves to draw, but I could also have selected lined or graph paper.

I picked out some new business cards for myself. I went a little crazy and got the square ones. I know they aren’t practical, since they don’t fit into a regular card holder, but I just loved the way they looked and decided to treat myself.

The thing that most surprised me on Minted was their art prints. You can buy decorative prints for your home or office in different colorways, sizes, and framed or unframed. I have my eye on the Kitchenaid mixer print for my kitchen. Red, with a black frame.

I hope you will check out all the great paper has for you. I’m very excited about my new business cards. I’ll add them to this post when they arrive.

So, tell me what’s your favorite item from a paper company? I love a beautiful thank-you note. I like to buy them more than I remember to send them, but it’s the thought, right?

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