Review of Mr Clean Liquid Muscle

mr-clean-liquid-muscle-reviewI was sent Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle multi-purpose cleaner by SheSpeaks to try out. No other compensation was received and I am not required to write anything specific.

Bathrooms are a conundrum. I like them to be spotlessly clean, but to get them clean you have to touch gross stuff. I’m convinced my family is either visually impaired or has something wrong with their olfactory systems. Because how can they not see and smell the disgustingness they create?

I’ve gone through a few cleaning phases. First, I was all over the bathroom cleaning. Before the water stopped swirling in the bowl, I was there to clean, wipe, and set things to rights. This was exhausting. Also, as my kids grew bigger, they would lock the door.

When I had four kids and a full-time job, I was too tired to clean constantly, so I thought eventually they would notice the mess and pitch in. Nope. By the time I gave in and cleaned it myself, our powder room was less spa-like retreat and more Greyhouse bus stop one-seater. My husband threatened to start driving himself to the gas station on the corner for the facilities.

No matter what, cleaning is a nasty chore that has to be done. A few things can salvage it: using a product that works, and having everything nice-smelling when you are done.

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle sent me a pint bottle in the Febreeze-fresh scent called Meadows and Rain. It’s nice. It made my bathroom smell clean and fresh indeed.

Since it’s concentrated, you just need a squeeze from the self-measuring bottle into a gallon of water. No need to rinse after.

For particularly nasty messes, squeeze a few drops on a sponge and use undiluted. Not just for toilets and tile, you can use it in the kitchen and beyond. Just don’t use it on carpets, copper, brass, or aluminum. Use your common sense.

Maybe your family will like it so much, they’ll help clean! Just kidding. That’s never going to happen.

Learn more about Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on his site and Facebook page.

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