Rivet and Sway Glasses Review and Coupon Code


I LOVEd wearing my Rivet and Sway glasses in NYC!

A few months ago I was reading Jenny On the Spot, Jenny Ingram’s blog. She talked about a photo shoot she did for a new web-order glasses site called RivetAndSway.com.

Jenny sparkled as always in the glasses she modeled. I was intrigued with the modern style of the glasses and the company’s business model of try-at-home samples.

Here’s how Rivet and Sway works: you pick three pairs of frames, they mail you those frames with blank lenses, you try on at home for three days, return samples, order, then get glasses made to your prescription back quick as a wink.

To mail back the try-ons, I just put them back in their original shipping box, slapped on the pre-paid postage label R&S included, and left it in my mailbox. Super easy.

My problem with trying on frames for new glasses at Walmart (yes, I have had to decide between the JLo Collection and the Andie McDowell Collection) is that I feel rushed, the lighting and mirrors are not flattering, and I may have just had my eyes dilated during my eye exam.

I loved getting the box of samples from Rivet and Sway. I made sure to have my contacts in so I could see my reflection clearly. I could wear the sample glasses for hours to get input from my husband and kids.

I used the tools on Rivet and Sway to pick frames for a *ahem* round, wide face, and in tortoiseshell. Finally I settled on Tusk, Mantra, and Faster Pussycat for my at-home try on.


I loved the chunky Mantra frames, but they were the least favorite of my family. I think they make me look smart! My husband says I’m smart-looking enough already. Whatever that means.

In the end, I could not resist the naughty librarian look of Faster Pussycat. Could. Not. Resist!

Also, they were cute and flattering. I wanted my eyes and eyebrows both to show. Some glasses are too small and make my eyes look little. Some glasses are too big and obscure my expressive brows.

Normally, my frames would have arrived at my house, but since Rivet and Sway had selected bloggers like me going to BlogHer in New York City, the other “Rivet and Sway Originals” and I picked up our finished glasses from their great rep once we arrived.

I loved wearing my new, more sophisticated glasses in New York City. I felt like I should be trading bon mots at the Algonquin Roundtable with Dorothy Parker.

Instead I just made funny faces on the dance floor at CheeseburgHer.It was very flattering to be asked several times where I got my glasses. Well, not with that look on my face.

Interested in great new frames? Rivet and Sway has very generously given my a discount code for my readers to use. You don’t even need corrective lenses—they’ll make a pair for you even if you have 20/20 vision and want to look cool.

If you use the Rivet and Sway coupon code  CWHOUB0066FB0F you can get 20 percent off your order until August 26, 2012. Hurry! That’s not really far away.

I’m one of the Rivet and Sway Originals. My glasses are complimentary in both uses of the word, i.e., they look good and were given to me for review in exchange for writing this post.

But even though my glasses were comp’d, my opinions are my own. I had a great experience with the company and they get my seal of approval.

Go to Rivet and Sway and tell me what frames you might try. I may go back and buy the Mantra.

For when I want to look smart.

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  1. I so wanted to try this, but I have a wonky left eye and my prescription is too complex. I did talk to one of their reps who told me that in the future they might be able hook this sister up, so we’ll see. It is such a great idea-I’m glad you got to try it out!

    • admin says:

      I love them. They fit perfectly right out of the box.
      I’m pretty nearsighted, but it’s straightforward and not too complicated yet.
      Hoping they can hook a sister up!

  2. Julia (jmmom) says:

    Interesting! I will have to go check them out! My problem with frames is that I lead an active lifestyle, and I never know if the glasses will go sliding down my face. The opportunity to try them on while living my life is intriguing! Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hmm, I haven’t had a sliding problem, but then I’m not as active as you.

      The good thing about Rivet and Sway is you can wear the frames around for three days to see if they do fit your lifestyle. JLo didn’t let me do that.

  3. Those are so cute! I will definitly have to check them out. Thank you for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for commenting. I hope you see something you like!
      BTW, you have the coolest blog name!

  4. One correction…the glasses don’t make you look smart. They make you look SMARTER.

    And the bon mots at the Algonquin – we stayed at the hotel years ago just hoping the witty reparte from years ago would seep into our pores and make us at least appear smarter.

    Still waiting for that to happen!

    In conclusion – great concept for purchasing glasses. It’s always tough to find the perfect pair, and wearing them around the house without the ghastly lighting in a show room makes the reflection easier to stomach.

    • admin says:

      If only I could get smarter by osmosis. Or reverse osmosis. Whatever it takes.

      I liked being able to wear the glasses around the house to see my face in different light. It really makes a difference.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Don’t you just love these glasses??!! You picked out 3 nice frames and they all looked adorable on you!!! I’m thinking of buying a second pair too!!!

    • admin says:

      Usually I wear the same pair of glasses for years, but now I want frames to suit my mood. Blogging is expensive!

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