Samsung Chef Collection at #BlogHer14

#MasterYourHomeDisclosure: I received promotional consideration from MomSelect for this post. All opinions are my own.

Last week at the BogHer ‘14 conference in San Jose, California, I was able to tour a sample kitchen for the new Samsung Chef Collection. It was so nice I wanted to move in.

I hate myself for loving a nice set of appliances this much, but really it’s more that I love great features and efficiency. Besides being Not a Supermom, I am also Not A Super Housekeeper.

First let’s start with the Samsung Chef Collection Refrigerator. It’s large enough to hold thirty-four bags of groceries, and the bottom section can swing from being a freezer to a fridge. This gives you so much prep room if you are hosting a party or holiday get-together. So. Much. Space!

Four internal zones provide four separate temperature settings. Coolest of all (ha ha), there’s a built-in SodaStream in the door to dispense sparkling water in addition to still water. 

In the top section, there is a rack for two chef’s pans so you can marinate meat at a safe, refrigerated temperature and then pop it directly into the oven. 

While the Chef Collection Refrigerator was pretty sweet, the piece de la resistance for me was the Front Load Washer. (Send a note to my husband; it’s model number WF9100.)

This sweet baby is huge. I could crawl in and take a shower (don’t crawl in and take a shower.) Instead, wash TWO king comforters at the same time. My current washing machine barely handles two beach towels at the same time.

The Samsung front loading washer is the largest capacity at 5.6 cubic feet. It has SuperSpeed technology, steam cleaning, and does something cool called Power Foam. My understanding is that Power Foam pre-mixes your detergent with water forming a solution then unleashed on your laundry for maximum cleaning power.

In addition to all these wonders, it is designated by Energy Star to be one of 2014s “Most Efficient” washers.

I had a more fun in the Samsung display than a body with my housekeeping skills has a right. I may have not have a head for housewifery, but I have a heart for turning out perfectly clean laundry.

If you’d like more information about Samsung appliances, visit or

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