Setting the Bar Low for Christmas

I really get stressed this time of year. Not that I’m normally sweet and calm, but the holiday season turns me from a slightly neurotic hag into a raging hormonal wildebeest.

I think I’ve identified my problem–the gap between my expectations and reality are huge.

I expect more from myself in December. I want to give my kids such a nice season that I’m paralyzed by doubt and inactivity. I’d like to give them magical childhood memories instead of future topics of discussion at therapy. Perhaps I’m re-parenting my pitiful little inner child. That never turns out well.

Right now I’m thinking about making gingerbread houses with my younger kids. Instead I’m spinning my wheels and being grumpy. It just seems like a lot of work. And then the cat will lick it or a squirrel is break into the house and vandalize it.

Not really, but that picture from here was adorable and I had to use it.

Anyway, the only thing all my problems have in common is me, so I’m going to set my expectations low this month, like this MSNBC article suggests, and just try to do the next good thing.

So, I’m going to stop brooding about bad Christmases-gone-by and try to make this one as good as I can without making myself miserable with insane expectations of a Martha Stewart Christmas. I’ll leave the hand-made soaps to the experts.

What do you stress over? What are you going to let go this year? Have a plan for an easy gingerbread house? 

Ho ho ho,

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