Smoking Blows

My dad is a laid-back guy. Reasonable, logical, slow to anger. The one thing that makes him crazy is cigarettes.

When I was a teenager I came home from being out with friends. When dad hugged me, he smelled someone else’s cigarette smoke on me. The look on his face is one of the main things that kept me from ever smoking.

Cigarettes have touched my family for the worse. Three of my four grandparents had their last years shortened or made worse from their unbreakable addiction to nicotine. My dad’s dad was in his forties when he died of ‘”lung problems”, most likely cancer.

Knowing this made my dad’s own lung cancer diagnosis earlier this year a painful irony, since Dad never smoked. (He’s fully recovered now.)

I think our worst brush with cigarette addition was my dear mother-in-law died from an accidental house fire she started with a cigarette. It’s been six years since she’s been gone and it still hurts like hell.

I share this with you to tell you about a new smoking cessation program available at Walmart.

Their new “Blueprint to Quit” program can help you or a smoker you love overcome the physical addition to nicotine and overcome the psychological or emotional cravings for nicotine.

The program uses the two-pronged approach of nicotine replacement therapy and behavioral support.

Quitting smoking has been said to be as difficult as quitting heroin. It can take multiple attempts to kick the habit for life.

And that’s really why you should try again if you’ve failed before: for life.

This post is sponsored through Mom Bloggers Club, but I would have written it for nothing if it helps one person quit smoking.

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