Ugly Cell Phone Towers? Take a #Stealthie.

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I remember the first time I was driving to the grocery store and thought, “That’s funny. Lodgepole pines don’t grow in Virginia.” Sometime soon after that I saw a segment in the news talking about how companies conceal cell towers with a kind of utility camouflage.

Cell towers are everywhere now, thank goodness. When we first got cell phones we discovered OUR HOUSE was in a dreaded “dead zone.” Remember those? I was grateful to see more cell towers go up….except.

Except they really are everywhere. There are now 21 cell sites to every 1 McDonalds in the United States. Imagine looking out of your kitchen window and, instead of seeing grass or trees, you see a bulky cell phone tower. It’s a curb-appeal problem! Stealth_Infographic_piece3

Have you noticed a really, really big “tree” like I did? Or a super tall flag pole? They are there to hide cell service towers. We can all agree that we hate the appearance of cell service structures that are not camouflaged, but we love having the service.  While we do need these towers, we don’t need to know that they are there. And this is what the company Stealth Concealments does.

The company name says it all. They are masters of taking a cell phone tower and designing a concealment to disguise it. These concealments can range anywhere from steeples on top of churches, to smoke stacks on buildings. They will even build trees with branches and leaves! That can turn an eyesore into a thing of beauty.

Your cell service is important to you. And it’s not just you–91% of people say cell service is as important as deodorant and more important than TV and coffee. I don’t know about coffee, but yes, my day includes as much cell usage as it does coffee.


If there are cell phone towers in your neighborhood, you have the choice to have them concealed.  The process to cover cell sites varies. Generally, cell service provider’s pay for the concealment, but in some cases private owners will foot the bill. The best news, community members should never have to pay for a concealment.

If you are looking at a cell tower out of your window right now, you can ask for it to be concealed by contacting your local community leaders. If you know a cell tower is coming to your community, you can ask for zoning regulations to be added via the city’s zoning laws. There many options, but sharing your opinion is where this all starts.

Here’s what you can do: go to to learn more about Stealth Concealments and what they offer the community. Cell phone towers are here to stay. In fact, their number increases every year. You don’t have to live with a big, ugly tower cluttering your view. Learn how it can be disguised with clever camouflage techniques.

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