We Are Absolutely Not Getting Another Cat

There are too many things in this house that poop.


The kids are all double-digits, so they are more or less potty trained.

The cats are fairly fastidious, but I give up on our old Chihuahua. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for her to croak before I can stop bleaching my bathmats.

I have a rule that the kids can’t talk about their birthdays until the birthday month. On September 1, I was presented with this list.


Well played, youngest child. Well played.

This puts me in a bind. We do not need another pet in this house. Pets are smelly (mine are the smelliest) and expel copious amounts of hair and dander.

My husband is a saint to let us have the three pets we already have. He’s allergic to cats, is on allergy medicine and has gone through a series of shots from an allergist.

I can’t say part of me doesn’t want a new kitty. My older cat, Figaro/Fergie (it’s a long story), is 15 and not in good health.

She is the best little kitty. Now I feel like it’s my job to make her as comfortable and happy as possible while she still feels good. She enjoys very expensive cat food, long naps on laps and snoozing in the sun. It’s not a bad life.


She’s very cuddly. We think she’s a breed called the Ragdoll. They are fluffy as bunnies and never struggle when they are held.

She was a stray we adopted, so we’ll never be sure what breed she is really, or I’d pay money to get another cat just like her. She’s such a good pet, I’d have her cloned if that weren’t creepy and way beyond by price range.

So, despite finding out that the SPCA is hosting adoptions next weekend at our local pet supply shop, we are not, not, NOT getting a new cat.

Pretty sure.

Probably not.


I really mean it.

Anyone know the best place to get a kitty? It must be a baby cat and fluffy.

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