What Happens When Mom Is on the Road

I’m away from home for a few days at a conference. I fly back from Boston on Sunday, just in time to spend Mother’s Day with my family. I won’t get breakfast in bed, but I’m hoping to completely get out of doing laundry that day. Living the dream!

I miss my husband, kids, and dog (in that order…probably) when I’m away, but I think it’s good for me to work, and good for them to see me work. I used to be an accountant with a Large Accounting Firm, and then with a Fortune 500 company. I “retired” when our fourth child was a baby, and I spent the next ten years as “only” a mom.

I know what I do to raise my kids and run my household is important, but I didn’t always feel like I was important. I didn’t take care of myself like I should.

Part of what I do now to take care of myself, as well as my family, is to focus on putting what I think is the best possible food in our bodies. We’ve experimented with eating mostly-vegan (that is a heck of a lot of vegetable chopping!) and we try to eat as fresh as possible as often as possible.

For the packaged food I do buy, I want it to be excellent. I think Cascadian Farm makes excellent food.

Though I’m not home to make sure my kids are doing their chores and washing behind their ears and wearing pants, I do know I’ve left them with good food. Cascadian Farm cereals and snack bars are in the pantry, so I can bask in some Good-Mom glory. I left the good stuff!

I won’t be home until Mother’s Day, but while I’m gone, what they’ll eat is one less thing I have to worry about. Like if the dog will ever get walked. And about the pants situation.

MomSelfieTo keep in touch with my kids, we’ll talk on the phone a little, but mostly we’ll text and send messages through social media. I’ll be sending them my #MomSelfie pictures so they can see what I’m up to.

Here’s me now in the hotel room.  —–>

Cascadian Farm sent me a great big box of awesome, containing full-sized boxes of cereal and granola bars, and some great CF swag, like a canvas tote and a water bottle. They are sponsoring the same awesomeness for one of y’all.

Here’s what one winner will receive:

  • Cascadian Farm Buzz Crunch Honey Almond cereal,
  • Oats & Honey Crunchy bars and
  • both flavors of the Chewy Bars with organic pea protein.
  • Cascadian Farm swag, including water bottle, notebook, tote bag and other goodies.
  • Samples of Happy Baby Organic Baby Food Greek Yogurt

Cascadian Farm Giveaway

Leave a comment below and I’ll use random.org to select a winner on May 11. US only please! Answer this question: Will you sleep late on Mother’s Day?

Cascadian Farm sent me product hoping I would write about it. I was not required to post, or say anything specific, and all opinions are mine.

Not required, but take a second to follow Cascadian Farm on Facebook and Twitter. They make yummy stuff!

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