You’ll Never Playgroup in This Town Again

Usually I’m pretty good in a small group. I enjoy hanging out and talking with a handful of people. If the group is too big or if I have to divide my attention, I’m a wreck.

So my get-together of choice is coffee with a few other moms. I’m not distracted by, you know, parenting the children and there aren’t too many people to try to talk to. It’s fun!

Of course this is not how homeschool moms can operate. We each bring our herd of kids to the park or indoor play area of a restaurant and turn them loose as a ravening horde, like Cossacks on the steppes. Except the steppes are the ball pit at Chik-fil-A.

This would work better for me if my kids didn’t have a tendency to fall, bleed or ignore the normal messages your body sends you that a biological process is fixing to commence.

I hate to be a hover mother, but my kids have literally pooped their pants instead of stopping play. We’ve never returned that McDonald’s. Right by our house.

And I had to throw away a booster seat and a pair of white shorts.

I try to give my kids plenty of play opportunities in other ways. I’d much rather meet up with one or two other mothers who love me enough not to judge me by my parenting skills. It takes years with the right kind of person to get there.

The good news is, I think I’m a pretty good friend. Whatever your kids do, my kids have already done it so I don’t get all judgey.

What’s your worst playgroup experience? Are you allowed back at co-op?

P.S. I’m having a hard day. My kids can’t remember their times tables but they won’t stop singing about who to call if they have a structured settlement and need cash now. Send more coffee?

Oh, and I’ll post the details of my little giveaway tomorrow.

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