5 Tips for Tailgate Success

C L O U DFall in the South means the return of some of our favorite things: pumpkin spice lattes, monogrammed purse covers, and tailgate parties at football games. I prefer tailgating to the actual game, but don’t tell.

Depending on the team you support, tailgating can be a very different experience. There’s your hard-partying, casual tailgating. For that, wear jeans or cutoffs, a team jersey, and cowgirl boots.

Some college tailgate events are dressy affairs. I’ve never understood this. I have no desire to put on a dress and a strand of pearls before going to a parking lot or field full of thousands of sports fans. Still, I do love looking at the pictures from these events.

For me, I like a fashion middle ground. A Saturday spent at your alma mater cheering for your favorite team should be festive, but functional.

notasupermom.com (2)We’re getting ready for some Yellow Jacket football here in Virginia with light layers, cute dark denim, a cross-body bag, and the cutest riding boots ever.

They’re by Dingo and from Country Outfitter. Country Outfitter sent them to me for this sponsored post. I love them—the boots and the store!

The problem is my two daughters wear the same size shoe. I thought I’d be tripling my shoe wardrobe, but really I have no interest in their shoes. I can buy my own Converse.

My girls, however, have given a big thumbs up to my boot collection. Think I’ll ever get a chance to wear these? My red cowgirl boots by Ariat from Country Outfitter haven’t seen the inside of my closet in months.

country-outfitter-dingo-fountainGetting ready for some football? Here are my top five tailgating tips.

  1. Protect yourself from the sun.

    At best, have a canopy with your team’s colors and logo. These are sold online and even at your DIY store. If you do nothing else, have a hat and extra sunscreen. You’re likely to be in the sun for hours. Even as temps cool off, be prepared.

  2. Drink something.

    Something non-alcoholic, that is. Even if you are knocking a few back, stay hydrated. Heat stroke will ruin a good time. Put frozen bottles of water (empty them a little before freezing) in your cooler. They’ll keep your food cool, and provide drinking water later.

  3. Pack a small kit of necessities.

    Wet wipes, band aids, lip balm with SPF, hand sanitizer, lady supplies, an external battery for your phone. Think about all those little things you needed but didn’t have LAST time.

  4. Check out Pinterest

    …for ideas for food, beverages, decorating, and outfits. Search the hashtags #tailgate #tailgating and #football for the most ingenious ideas. Seriously, tailgaters are clever.

  5. You can’t have enough foil, zipper bags, paper towels, or storage bins.

    These make prep, cooking, and cleanup so much easier. And carting all that stuff in and out in bins makes life so much easier.

Bonus tip: cute boots. Cute boots go with any outfit, dressy, casual, or in between. country-outfitter-dingo-riding-boots

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