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Cochlear PinterestThis post made possible through the support of Cochlear. All opinions are my own.

As the mom of four, I’ve been through a lot of milestone moments with my kids. I’ve had four first smiles, four first laughs (my favorite!), and four first words. I swear, it was “Mama” every time.

Getting past a child’s next developmental milestone is like passing a mile marker in a marathon. As soon as you get past one, there’s the next one to worry about. She’s holding her head up, but now when will she roll over? He’s cooing, but now when will he start repeating sounds back to me? I worried a lot about the “but now whens.”

Since my kids are almost all grown, I’ll tell you that the milestones change, but not the worry you feel as your child approaches them. Now the milestones have wheels and dorm rooms.

Yet, some of the earliest hurdles to get your child past relate to language and communications. If you have a new baby, do you know what to look for to make sure your child can hear properly? Back in my day, I just had a “What To Expect” book and some book by T. Berry Brazleton. Yes, that’s his real name, and he was awesome.

Now you have the internet and Doctor Google at your fingertips every second. Still, sometimes that’s too much information to sort through.

I like the simple infographic below for information on when to expect your child to hit certain milestones of language and communication development. Check it out. Is your little one nearing one of these milestones for learning to listen and speak?

cochlear milestones

If you are concerned about your child potentially having hearing loss, go through this easy checklist and then discuss any remaining concerns with your doctor.

cochlear 2Hearing loss runs in my family. In fact, my dad has two hearing aids currently and may soon be a candidate for a Cochlear implant. I’m glad this product exists, since my dad is very active and still has a lot of things to hear, especially from his eleven grandchildren!

If you recognize signs of hearing loss in your child, or anyone in your family, do talk with your doctor or a qualified audiologist.

Cochlear is not for everyone. To obtain a hearing implant, one must be a candidate and qualify for the device. A medical professional–such as a hearing implant specialist, an audiologist or doctor–will determine candidacy and answer medical-specific questions. You can find a hearing implant specialist by clicking on “Find a Hearing Specialist” at the top left of the IWantYouToHear.com page.

Before you go, watch the video about Natalie Su. She’s an adorable cochlear recipient. I love stories like hers!

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