Dear Santa

Evil-creepy-santa-candleDear Santa,

It’s me, Nota Supermom.

This year for Christmas please keep our new kitten Pinky from electrocuting herself when she tries to nurse on the Christmas tree lights.

Sure it’s cute when her cheeks light up, but this just can’t end well.

Also, Santa can you keep the kitten from knocking down the Christmas tree? We are running short of ornaments, and I really liked the one my late mother-in-law gave us. You can barely see the cracks after I glued it back together.

But, if something happens to the Santa candle she gave us, I won’t complain.

And can our forty-two-year-old cat Fergy have one last Christmas? She’s slowing down and keeps falling off my lap, but I’d hate to have to anything happen to her at Christmas. Besides, the backyard is too frozen to dig and the freezer is full.

Is it too much to ask that our Chihuahua, Chewie, lay off the accidents on the tree skirt? I promise not to complain if she goes back to peeing on the bath mat. At least until after New Year’s.

Can my kids stop telling me new things the “really, really want”? My shopping is done, so they are out of luck if they see a commercial for something they’ve always wanted but didn’t realize until they heard about it for the first time today.

And please remind my husband of the “nothing that plugs in” rule for presents. Unless it’s from Apple. And then it’s okay.



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