Our Tacky Lights Tour

Visible from space. My husband really loves decorating for Christmas and I love letting him decorate for Christmas. He’s good at it and I’m not, so it works. We have two trees inside that are, sadly, artificial. It just doesn’t work for us anymore ...Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What, you say? It’s almost Christmas, not Valentine’s Day? I wouldn’t know it from the grocery store today, DECEMBER THE SEVENTEENTH! My Christmas Valentine, sweet Debbie Valentine. For some reason this irritates me so much. Remember in October when I saw Christmas stuff up ...Read More

New Christmas Music

I’m looking for a new Christmas album for my husband. He likes the Christmas music and I think it makes a nice stocking stuffer. He’s very hard to buy for! I asked for recommendations from my facebook friends (Friend me! I’m Nota Supermom there.) ...Read More

I’m a Winner!

I should go out and buy a lottery ticket, because I am on fiah! I am a I won two blog giveaways today! The first is a six-month Premium Picnik subscription from Linda Seller’s blog I’m so pleased to get this before Christmas ...Read More
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