The Best Things About Back To School

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Summer in the south is not necessarily the best season. It’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity, the bugs, the school being out and the resulting children around all the time. This is even true for homeschool moms like me.

When my kids were little we had activities for sports, education, and music lessons that would provide me a break from the 24-7 mom duty. Now that they are older, they are less work (in some ways) and I have more time for myself. Still, the return to the school-year schedule can indeed be the hap-hap-happiest time of year for work-at-home moms.

Here are, for me, the best things about back to school.

Stocking Up on Office Supplies

School supplies are also office supplies. And so much is on sale that it’s the perfect time to get those planners, pens, and little organization thingamabobs for your own self. Gel ink pens? Yes, please!

Back to a Schedule

By May that school schedule life with be a grind. But after the lax schedule we keep around here in the summer, I really look forward to having everything scheduled out. Especially since I need time when I am awake and my kids are asleep. That hour or so can be my favorite time of day. I read, listen to a podcast, paint my nails, take a bath with nobody yelling for me. Whatever I want. It’s magical.

The Real Start of a New Year

You guys can have your January New Year. For me, September is the real time to begin again. Start a new exercise routine, plan an autumn getaway you can actually enjoy, organize your office, your closets, your life.

The cooler weather after a hot, lazy-busy summer is when I can really dig in and get projects done. There’s a little breathing time before the rocket sled that is the holidays. This time before the Halloween-to-New-Years’ treadmill is where I am most productive.

Me Time, Baby!

Oui by Yoplait

I have spent 26 years actively raising kids. I am tired. Part of what does keep me going is that self-care I get from Me Time. Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. If you don’t purposefully take good care of you, you can’t take good care of anyone else.

Part of taking care of myself are having things just for myself. Whether it’s what I’ve previously mentioned schedule, or going to see a movie all by myself, having things just for me are how I care for myself.

This post is sponsored by Oui by Yoplait. I went shopping for this new, old-fashioned yogurt recently at Walmart. I bought some in strawberry, lemon, and plain. I like plain yogurt with a little honey and granola stirred in.

I was raised on yogurt like this. It tastes like what I remember getting from the milkman. Yes, we had a milkman into the 80s since I lived near a large regional dairy.

Usually when I write about a product as part of a sponsored post I don’t give an opinion. I consider myself hired to bring you information about products, not to tell you my opinion. But in this case, I love this yogurt and see it becoming a staple in my fridge.

And a regular part of the five or ten minutes a day where I’m not a mom, just me.

More about Oui by Yoplait

  • Comes in single-serve jars in black cherry, blueberry, coconut, lemon, peach, plain, and strawberry.
  • Comes in four-pack in vanilla and strawberry.
  • Is a French-style yogurt that’s thick, creamy, and a subtle sweet taste.
  • Inspired by our traditional French recipe.
  • Oui by Yoplait is cultured in each glass pot for eight hours.
  • Made with whole milk.
  • No artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources.
  • Plain flavor is made with only two simple ingredients: milk and cultures.
  • Fruit flavors feature real fruit on the bottom.
  • Made with simple, non-GMO ingredients like whole milk and real fruit poured and set in each glass pot.
  • Find out more at #OuiByYoplait.
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