Candy Overload

Today’s the day I convince the children that they must have forgotten that their chocolate bunny was already tail-less when they went to bed last night. Nota Supermom has been here. Silly children, of course you ate that part yesterday. Or perhaps the cat ...Read More

Back In the Saddle

I’m trying to get my groove back after the holiday break. I’m tired, we’ve had low-level sickness in the house, but at least not the flu, knock wood. Today I spent cleaning my filthy, filthy house and slowly spelling words to my kids. It’s ...Read More
How to use peer pressure to talk to your child about why not to drink alcohol. Parenting tips from an old mom.
Preparing Your Child for Peer Pressure to Drink Alcohol
Communicating with Your Children
I Want You To Hear
Students Create Green Cities of the Future at #FutureCity2016