My Brand Was Bigger Than My Blog. Here’s What I Did Next.

This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Personal Branding for Bloggers. It’s Hard!

Branding for bloggers with Domain.MESeven years ago I decided on a whim to start a blog–this blog. It was almost a joke really. I wanted someplace to write funny stories and talk about my kids. Erma Bombeck is my hero, and I wanted to serve up my own version of her gentle, domestic humor.

Of course, the content on my blog has grown and changed over seven years. And a few years in, I started another site. The topic for my additional site was completely different. Midlife Boulevard is more of an on-line magazine where I curate the content of other women bloggers over 40 and 50.

In the four years since Sharon Greenthal and I started MLB, we’ve expanded, hired columnists, and curated thousands of posts from other bloggers.

What I didn’t know when I started Not A Supermom and even Midlife Boulevard could fill an encyclopedia. Branding is what you choose first, when you don’t know anything about creating a personal brand. Your name, URL, categories, mission statement: all of that you decide on when your site is nothing more than theory.

When Your Brand Expands

Then, reality hits. That mommy-centered blog is less fun once your kids aren’t little, or your running blog isn’t pertinent once you quit running and take up yoga instead, or your Weight Watchers blog is hard to create content for because you switched to a keto diet.

You still want to keep your original site, but you’ve branched out. Suddenly you are doing a hundred different things. What do you do if you run multiple and potentially wildly different sites? If PR or an interviewer (call me, Andy Cohen!) or a reader who loves your writing googles you? You are all over the place.

Also, what happens if you’re now an author, speaker, or coach, based on the years of digital expertise you’ve accumulated? You might not want your speaking schedule on the About page of your succulent plant blog if you speak on digital marketing.

What You Need Is, Yes, Another Website

“Ugh, another site?” Stay with me here, Lorraine. Creating a new hub site gives you one central location to weave together the various threads of your Internet profile. It’s like a Rainbow Loom for your online presence. Bring together the rainbow loops of everything you do online to make one stretchy, multicolored friend bracelet of a personal domain.

For the last several months I’ve been working with Domain.ME to create my own online hub where my digital destinations live – all in one place! My hub, AnneJParris.ME, links to my blogs, social media accounts, media kits, business ventures, speaking events, etc.

If I start coaching, publish a book, or run for office (ha!), it will give me one place to manage. And since the URL will incorporate my real name, it’s a great tool for management of my online reputation! Google me, find my hub site!

Why I Need a Hub Site

My brand vision evolved over time. In 2010, I could not have possibly envision all the traveling and speaking I do now. I just wanted to write about how my teen aged sons suffered from Testosterone Poisoning. Yet somehow I’ve turned into a digital entrepreneur.

The most surprising lesson I learned in my time creating online is that where you start is not where you finish. It’s possible and even highly likely that much of your business can change completely in months.

Having a hub site gives me the freedom to grow, change, and still have one place where I can communicate every part of what I do.
It’s inspiring to be free of the limits of a single website. Now I can bring together multiple properties into one, comprehensive digital destination.

Why I Chose Domain.Me

I’ve worked with Domain.ME for years. I love that I can have a domain that ends in a short, snappy extension like Dot ME. And since I’ve switched my social media accounts to my real name, my hub URL will match those accounts. will launch soon and I couldn’t be more excited. Look to see if your .ME domain name is available.

Domain.ME is an industry-leading domain name provider that allows anyone to create a unique, safe identity online with a domain ending in dot ME for personal or business use. Dot ME can provide you with the space you need to build your personal brand and create a captivating online persona that’s a direct reflection of you. A .ME domain is great for personal websites, such as blogs, online portfolios, or aliases for social network profiles.

If you are a multi-faceted influencer interested in creating a hub site, click the link to apply.



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