The Case of the Mystery Noise

Recently I was home alone at night. My husband had taken the kids out shopping and I was home alone enjoying the ice cream silence. I can’t even remember the last time this happened. I was probably single and had a perm. I walked ...Read More

Cat vs. Chipmunk vs. Mom

Honey, it’s me, Nota. Can you hear me?  Yes, I know there’s a twelve hour time difference between here and Japan, but I wanted to talk to you before your meeting. Well, the cat got outside after dinner tonight. We called and called for ...Read More
How to use peer pressure to talk to your child about why not to drink alcohol. Parenting tips from an old mom.
Preparing Your Child for Peer Pressure to Drink Alcohol
Communicating with Your Children
I Want You To Hear
Students Create Green Cities of the Future at #FutureCity2016