Pomeranian Problems


Since we’ve added our new Pomeranian, Firefox, to our house more cleaning is necessary.

I laugh now when I told my friend Susan how little he shed. Practically hypoallergenic! The cleanest dog ever! Ha ha ha!

Almost immediately I noticed giant orange Tribble-sized hairballs. They kept multiplying and threatened to take over the Starship Not A Supermom.

There is only one answer. Cleaning. (Heavy sigh.) I do vacuum, but that’s a whole production of remembering where I left the vacuum and then moving the clothes I have hanging on the vacuum. Ugh.

Clever Girls sent me a new Swiffer Sweep & Trap to try. Is a match for a Pomeranian fur? And Girl Scout cookie crumbs and breakfast cereal and some dried rice that came from who knows where.


This is embarrassing, but when the Swiffer arrived, I just busted it out and started using it on an area rug. I was a little frustrated that it left a Tribble behind. Then I saw the directions. Duh, it’s intended for dry messes on hard surfaces. For that, it works well.

Here’s how it works: The new Swiffer Sweep and Trap

Uses rotating blades to pick up large particles and flicks them into a dirt bin while the attached Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth traps dirt, dust and hair that brooms can leave behind.


The Swiffer Sweep and Trap is new and available at Target. The best things about it are:

  • it’s easy to bust out at a moments notice,
  • you can sweep up messes big and small,
  • it’s light and easy to use,
  • no batteries or charging or plugging in required,
  • it traps the junk it sweeps up in a little container so you don’t have to stoop and use a dust pan, and
  • because it uses the dry Swiffer dust cloths it traps all the Pomeranian hair and little bits of dust and Pomeranian fluff my your broom can leave behind.

Also, if you smile when you use it your kids will think it’s fun, and then they’ll clean your floors for you like it’s a treat. That’s called good parenting!

I have a discount code for you at Target.com. Get $2 off of a Swiffer Sweep & Trap starter kit at Target.com and entering coupon code TGTBBAGU

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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