Review of Liquid Oxygen Skincare

IMG_5832A few weeks ago I noticed that both of my teen daughters were developing more skin problems. Let’s blame summer humidity in Richmond for some of it, but at 14 and 16 they are both hitting that prime time for breakouts. They have been experiencing monthly hormonal breakouts, and an increase of blemishes around their hairlines and on their t-zones.

We’ve had some success with other products, but one became discontinued and what we can get at the drug store sometimes left their skin dry, flaky, and irritated.

We were sent a three-piece set of Liquid Oxygen for this compensated review. All opinions are mine and I’m not required to say anything specific. Also, I’m not a doctor. Some skin conditions might require treatment from one of those.

My girls love trying new products, so they were fine letting me take before pictures of their pimples. I respect their privacy, so anything I write about them, and any pictures I post of them meet their approval.

They are pretty low-key kids, so it was good to hear glowing reviews of Liquid Oxygen right away.

Liquid Oxygen is an oxygenated skincare line designed to be gentle while also combatting acne. They claim to be an ideal solution for those seeking clearer skin. It is free of benzoyl peroxide, fragrances, and parabens. It contains vitamins A, C, D, and E.

Liquid Oxygen also claims to start working from the first application. I am skeptical of product claims like this, but in our case it turned out to be true. Both my daughters noticed an improvement in the look and feel of their skin after the first use.

The second day, the improvement in their blemishes was noticeable to me. Their skin felt velvety, and I saw a reduction in the severity of their breakout areas. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that those hard little blackheads that clogged the pores in their noses are going away. That’s been the thing other products didn’t improve, in our experience.

What I liked best is it didn’t ever make their faces dry or irritated. Also, it doesn’t contain anything that will bleach out your washcloths, towels, or pillowcases.

They’ve been hit-or-miss with the twice a day of it all, but we intend to keep encouraging them to use the Liquid Oxygen system twice a day. For us, this is a product that works when you use it. We’ve found the product claims to be valid—this is something I would spend my own money on.

Learn more at the Liquid Oxygen website. Follow them on social media through the hashtag #LoveLO.

Check back next month. I’ll continue to track my daughters’ progress with Liquid Oxygen.

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