Review of Tide Coldwater Laundry Detergent

Tide-Coldwater-bottleMy kids are dirty. They play hard outside and the knees of their jeans get muddy. They are enthusiastic eaters and spaghetti sauce and mustard frequently wind up on their shirts (and sleeves). The bottoms of their socks are inexplicably grubby.

My kids smell. I had three teenagers and a preteen in the house last year. Puberty hormones smell a lot like wet dog and Axe.

Combine this with my OCD laundry thing and I need a detergent that works, buddy. When we had a tighter budget I bought cheap store brands. I had to work a lot harder to get the laundry clean the way I wanted. Pretreating, soaking, and even washing things twice was necessary.

Then I had a brief “crunchy” phase when I made my own laundry soap It was pennies a load, but my whites were dingy and soap scum built up in my washer. I hated to think of that same build-up on our clothes.

When I started hard-core couponing, I hit a great sale on Tide and stocked up. I’m only brand loyal to a few things, but Tide detergent quickly became one of those brands. Our laundry was fresh and clean without a lot of hard work on my part. I was sold. I have been getting Tide on automatic delivery from Amazon since last year.

Still, even with the Tide, I continued to wash most things in warm or hot water. I know even the hottest water in the washing machine isn’t enough to kill germs, but it did help remove more stains and odors.

I received a full-sized bottle of Tide Coldwater from Proctor & Gamble via She Speaks and was happy to try it on my family’s laundry. Using cold water in our old, giant washing machine would be one way to save money and use fewer natural resources heating the enormous quantities of water needed to clean the clothes of a family of six.

I have been very happy with the results. Our clothes are still clean and smell very fresh, even the kids towels that they “forgot” to hang up to dry. Tide-dirty-girl-jeansTide Coldwater is available in powder or liquid for both standard and High-Efficiency washers. I tested the Fresh Scent liquid, but Mountain Fresh is also available. Tide Free also has a Coldwater form with no dyes or scent.

I’ve decided to do fewer reviews this year. I’m going to be a lot more picky so you know that when I write a review it’s for something I like or think you might like.

I like Tide Coldwater and plan on adding it to my standard Amazon delivery. I still want regular Tide for sheets, white towels and kitchen linens because I mentally need to wash those things in hot water. Perhaps I’ll change my mind over time, but for now I’m okay with paying the electric bill for those things.

Are you a Tide user? Have you ever tried Tide Coldwater? We are planning on a new washer and I’m curious about how Tide Coldwater works in a HE machine.Tide-Pinky-kitten-washing-machine

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post but all opinions and kittens are my own.

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