Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Pets

Star Wars Halloween costumes for cats and dogs. The pleasure of being the owner of a teacup Pomeranian is mostly from putting him in costumes and tiny hats. Right now he is rocking his Oktoberfest outfit complete with tiny lederhosen and hat.

This year we are planning family costumes with a Star Wars theme and we can’t leave out Firefox!

I’ve heard people put costumes on cats, but our cat is too cat for that human nonsense.

Is you are interested in Star Wars Halloween costumes for your cat or dog, I’ve got you covered. These might even work on other pets, if you want to try to put a decorative headband on a ferret.

Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Cats and Dogs

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Ewok Halloween Pet Costumestar-wars-ewok-dog-halloween-costume


This is off the scale on the cute-ometer.

I think any tiny dog will look super cute while fighting the Battle of Endor in this Ewok costume.

Aid the Rebel forces and help your little floof be the hero Endor needs.

Yoda Costume for Dogsyoda-dog-costume

Treat or treat not, there is no trick. (Sorry!)

Your dog will be the wisest of all Jedi in this adorable Yoda costume. Whether on Dagobah or Bespin, your canine will be the cutest.

Judge him not by his size, but just know that this costume comes in sizes small through extra large.

I can’t guarantee your dog will be as happy as the dog in this picture.

Darth Vader Dog Costumedarth-vader-dog-costume


Now he is the Master! This Darth Vader costume for dogs will show you the power of the bark side. (Sorry, again.)

This is a three-piece set with a polyester bodysuit that ties around the back of the neck. Light saber and fluffy adorableness not included.



Yoda Headband for Cats

Yoda cat costume headband

Look at how happy this cat is to be dressed as Yoda for Halloween.

Your cat can be equally thrilled in this simple solution to the question, “How can I make my cat look like Yoda?” Cats love that.



Star Wars Yoda Ears for Dogsyoda-dog-headband


Dogs, on the other hand, love to dress up. Here is an equally simple costume with huge cuteness payoff.

Pop this Yoda headband on your dog and, BOOM, instant Jedi Master, Yoda. Strong is this Halloween costume with the Force.


Star Wars Princess Leia Headband for Catsleia-cat-headband

Yes. Yes. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

Your cat would just as soon kiss a Wookie as wear a Halloween costume, but please take their silence as a plea for this adorable Pricess Leia headband.



AT-AT costume for Dogsatat-dog-costume

I think this AT-AT costume is my favorite. This would be better on a dog with long legs, like the one shown. My Pom has such tiny legs, I don’t see him pulling off this look.


Star Wars Bantha Rider Dog Costume


Perfect for raids on the sands of Tatooine or trotting around the neighborhood helping the kids collect candy.

Now your rescue-Bantha can roam the wilds of your house with a teeny-tiny Tuscan raider on her back.




Princess Leia Bikini Costume for Catsprincess-leia-bikini-costume-for-cats

I can’t decide whether this is funny or just more than a little creepy.

Also, I don’t think this Princess Leia cat bikini (I can’t believe I just wrote that) isn’t exactly like Leia’s gold bikini from The Empire Strikes Back.

Still, close enough for feline Star Wars cosplay!

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