Toddlers vs. Teens: How Parenting Changes As They Get Bigger

This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. All opinions are my own.


Trips to Disney World.

Teaching them to read. Snuggles and one last story at bedtime.

They are my best travel city music in new york city

I love seeing them work hard and achieving their goals. We can talk about everything.

With the baby of my four recently turning 18, I’m so nostalgic for their younger years. I was exhausted, but I miss being the center of their universe, the prettiest mommy in the world, and being able to fix all their problems with a Power Rangers bandaid.

Still, there’s a lot to love about being the mom of multiple teenagers. They are smart, hardworking, and they still like me. We talk about serious things and their favorite Korean boy band.

I look back and remember, but treasure where we are right this minute.

Watch the video below from the Center for Parent and Teen Communication, then read this article from the director, Dr. Ken Ginsburg. After feeling like there was not much information out there for parents of older children, I’m excited to find a resource like this.

What’s your favorite thing about parenting the age your kids are right now?

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Toddlers vs. Teens: How Parenting Changes As They Get Bigger
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