Where to Buy Unique Star Wars Apparel

Unique Star Wars Apparel

I’m always on the look out for new and unique Star Wars apparel. I don’t remember any products beyond toys from Kenner available when I was a kid. Now it’s so easy to find a Star Wars t-shirt anywhere. Try not to find one at Target or Walmart. You can’t.

While you can buy a Star Wars t-shirt everywhere, it’s even more fun to have something truly unique, whether that means a clever use of Star Wars characters or icons, or something from a small company.

Here are a few pieces of clothing featuring Star Wars that I think you’ll love. Some links are affiliate links.

AT AT Sweater from We Love Fine

OMG, this AT-AT sweater. WeLoveFine.com always has original fandom clothing, from the Spider Gwen hoodie to the Picardigan, this site always has clever apparel. star wars atat sweaterThis AT-AT sweater is $45, made of acrylic, and in unisex sizes from small to 2X.

Leia and Han Shirts

Hot Topic can be the best place to find all things Star Wars. They have a huge selections, plus sizes, and the Her Universe brand of fashionable and geeky clothes for women fans. As much as I hate going into a Hot Topic at the mall (because I’m old, and it’s Hot Topic, and it’s in a mall), it really does have a great selection. Extra points for not all being tiny and unisex.

My favorite are these his-and-hers Han and Leia shirts. These are sized up to 3X and an on-line exclusive.

han leia

The Princess Leia shirt is in junior sizes from small to 3X. The Han shirt is in men’s sizes from small to 3X.

Jyn Rogue One Open-Backed Sweater

Of course a new Star Wars movie like Rogue One means new merchandise. This Jyn sweater comes in both junior and plus sizes, and is only available online. The sweater is made of cotton and should probably be hand washed.

jyn sweater hot topic star wars rogue one

jyn sweater plus size hot topic star wars rogue one

Star Wars Pew Pew Pew Shirt

Ah, memories of childhood play, when we pretended to be Han or Leia (nobody wanted to be Luke or a Storm Trooper.) A good “pew pew pew!” noise was necessary to heighten the dramatic tension of a pretend blaster fight or x-wing battle.

Now this iconic sound effect is commemorated on a shirt from Etsy. This Star Wars Pew Pew t-shirt is made in the U.S., comes in multiple shirt colors, and is sized from men’s size small to 3x. Wish it came in a t-shirt made to accommodate my boobs! But no, a big cotton rectangle will be fine.

star wars pew pew tshirt

Star Wars Rebel Flower Leggings

In a galaxy right now and pretty darn close, we only wear leggings. I know I have my “fancy” leggings and my “don’t leave the house” leggings. These printed Star Wars leggings from Society6.com are nice enough for me to perhaps even wear in public.

Society 6 has literally hundreds of Star Wars prints on their high-quality leggings. My favorite is this “Rebel Flower” print. They also have a “Floral Empire” print, but I always think the Empire emblem looks like a butt hole.

These leggings are $39, made of “highest quality anti-microbial polyester spandex material” that is moisture wicking, and sized from women’s extra small to extra large.  star wars leggings

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Skirt

My daughter bought this Star Wars skirt two years ago, probably from Hot Topic. It’s been sold out forever, but still available from re-sellers on Ebay.

It’s a great piece featuring a print of Darth Vader from The Empire Strikes Back, and always gets a ton of compliments. It’s in junior sizes, so it runs small. She’s usually a size 8 or 10, but wears an XL in this skirt.

Hand wash and lay flat to dry to keep this garment…on the dark side. star wars

If you can suggest other places to buy unique Star Wars apparel, leave me a comment!

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