You Need a New Bra

You probably need a new bra. I read about this fashion designer who never washed her bras; she just occasionally sprinkled baby powder on them to “dry clean” them. Sorry, but ick.

Then there’s the other end of the spectrum, where you wash a bra like you are rinsing dew off a butterfly’s wing. No matter how delicate you handle them though, they pop, fray, and bag.

Whether you are Team Never-Wash or Team Hand-Wash, you probably need some new brasseries. 

With two teenage daughters and me in the house, that’s a lot of undergarments. We should buy stock in Victoria’s Secret. I took the girls (I mean my daughters, not a euphemism for my boobs) to Victoria’s Secret for a proper bra fitting once they were out of the nothing-but-sports-bras phase of puberty. 

The young saleswoman was pretty and young, and handled the girls (again, my children) great. 

My one problem was when she asked my youngest if she wanted a push-up bra. Um, no, she’s twelve. I’m paying and I want something that looks pretty, but also straps ’em down like she’s a fake mustache away from trying to join the Union Army under her brother’s name. 

The good news is these days bralettes are in. If you were like me and wondered why you were paying full retail for two triangles of lace on a ribbon, just know that they are comfortable. So comfortable, you’ll be mad at every underwire you ever squeezed the girls into (okay, there I mean my boobs).

Hey, enter my Victoria’s Secret gift card giveaway and win you something for your girls (boobs/daughters, idk).

Can we just generally agree to stop calling your boobs “The Girls”? It’s very confusing to those of us with two daughters. When a woman says it to me I think SHE might also have two daughters. Then when I invite them “out for a playdate” it gets awkward and I can never go to that coffee shop again. Victoria's Secret Gift Card GIVEAWAY DETAILS

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